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About LymePowerOfUs Campaign

#LymePowerOfUs' goal is to inform, inspire and motivate individuals and groups across the world to take actions that increase awareness of Lyme disease, raise funds to train physicians in the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease and support LymeTap (an organization that helps people in financial need get Lyme testing).

We're working towards our vision of a world where no one is denied appropriate diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease, where families aren’t ruined financially, and where no one lives a life of suffering from chronic Lyme disease. Join Us. We need your voice.


We Need Your Voice To End The
Lyme Disease Epidemic.

No organization or person can end the Lyme disease epidemic alone, the fight requires the support of the entire community. This is why Social Actions are important. We consider every fan and follower a warrior in the fight to end this epidemic. Through you, we can fulfill our mission of raising awareness and educating more people about Lyme disease and training physician worldwide in the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of Lyme.

Taking social actions takes minimum effort, but it can have a major impact and make a big difference in the lives of people with Lyme disease. Every action makes a difference, no matter how small. So please take a moment, Tell Your Story, Send Social Messages, Join our Thunderclap Campaign. Help us spread awareness of the Lyme disease epidemic with just a minute of your time. If you are very committed about this issue, become a Social Ambassador and "Lead The Roar".


While our main objectives are training of physicians worldwide and Lyme disease research, education and awareness, we are dedicated to bringing cutting edge research and state-of-the-art clinical applications to those most affected: people suffering with Lyme disease and their family and friends.