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Because doctors aren't trained shouldn't be the reason why you live half a life.


This physician training program will train the next generation of physician-scientists who will be future leaders in the treatment of Lyme and Associated Diseases.

The ILADEF Physician Training Program, a groundbreaking project vital to fostering excellence in care for Lyme disease patients, directly addresses challenges in properly diagnosing and treating Lyme and other tickborne diseases. The Training Program provides medical and other healthcare practitioners the opportunity to study with Lyme-literate healthcare professionals. Through this experience, participants will develop the skills necessary to properly diagnose and treat Lyme disease. These professionals will be able to return to their community with enhanced skills and the ability to provide superior care to Lyme patients, improving the health and quality of life for those that suffer from the most debilitating effects of Lyme disease. Please help us train physicians worldwide by donating today..

More About Physician Training Program.


A dedicated and collegial faculty offers individual clinicians a hands-on education with physicians who are experienced in treating thousands of Lyme disease patients.

Building experience

The program is designed to foster independence career development for medical and other health care professionals by providing a foundation in the evidence-based treatment of Lyme and associated diseases. The program is also designed to enhance expertise for those clinicians who already have an established clinical practice. The program features up to two weeks participation in the care of various challenging early and chronic cases including: discussions of the patient's medical history, disease progression and health issues that inform evidence-based treatment plan choices.

Scientific meeting

In the fall of each year, ILADS hosts an annual scientific meeting that aims to foster collaboration and dialogue surrounding the advancement of research and treatment of Lyme and associated diseases. Attendees include many prominent Lyme disease researchers and physicians. Trainees are encouraged to participate in the annual scientific presentation, including a physician training sponsored lecture.

Evidence-based Practice

ILADS physicians have successfully treated thousands of Lyme disease patients using evidence-based medicine. The published ILADS guidelines concluded that there are large numbers of chronic Lyme disease patients presenting with a poor quality of life despite antibiotic treatment. More than 30% of Lyme disease patients in a Massachusetts and New York cohort remained ill years after antibiotic treatment. The quality of life for chronic Lyme disease was worse than patients who have Type 2 diabetes or a recent heart attack in two National Institutes of Health trials.

ILADS and The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) guidelines differ substantially, revealing the wide variation in diagnosis and treatment. The IDSA guidelines recommend one-time, short-term antibiotic therapy. Physician demands for better outcomes led to the ILADS recommendation that antibiotics be administered for 4 weeks or longer - or that a patient be retreated - when clinically appropriate. Professionals attending the Physicians Training Program gain experience using evidence-based medicine for the treatment of Lyme and associated diseases. Both the ILADS and IDSA guidelines are listed on the government sponsored National Guideline Clearinghouse at Click on the links below to view both.



ILADEF physcian training is currently available for ILADS members only with a MD or DO degree. Become An ILADS Member.

Applicants interested in the training program with our physicians can obtain an application by email at or contact Barbara Buchman, Executive Director, ILADS, P.O. Box 341461, Bethesda, MD 20827-1461, Phone: 301-263-1080, Fax: 301-263-0776.