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Through Education, Awareness, and Action,
ILADS promotes understanding of Lyme and its associated diseases and strongly supports physicians and other health care professionals dedicated to advancing the standard of care for Lyme and its associated diseases. By supporting ILADS you will improve physician understanding of Lyme disease and increase public awareness of the devastation Lyme causes to the lives of people worldwide.


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We're educating healthcare professionals in the battle against Lyme disease through our bi-annual international conferences each year.

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In 2012, we promoted Lyme disease awareness through a message that could not be missed on the JumboTron in Times Square, at the Superbowl and Daytona 500.

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We bring the latest in cutting-edge research to you through our Free International Streaming Events. In 2012, we had events in the US, Europe and Australia.

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The mission of the ILADS' conferences is to bring together respected international researchers and clinicians to share cutting-edge research and diagnostic and treatment modalities that will enhance the lives of those suffering from these diseases. View all videos from the 2012 ILADS Lyme Disease Conference.
  • Joseph J. Burrascano, Jr., MD

    Lecture: Lyme Disease History and Basics Lecture

    Where: 2012 ILADS Boston Lyme Disease Conference

  • Andrea Gaito, M.D.

    Lecture: Clinical Evaluation and Treatment of Lyme Arthritis; An Autoimmune Perspective.

    Where: 2012 ILADS Boston Lyme Disease Conference

  • Richard I. Horowitz, MD

    Lecture: Treatment of Lyme Disease and Associated Tick-Borne Co-Infections.

    Where: 2012 ILADS Boston Lyme Disease Conference

  • Ann F. Corson, MD

    Lecture: Treatment of Tick Borne Diseases in Pregnant and Pediatric Patients.

    Where: 2012 ILADS Boston Lyme Disease Conference

  • Raphael B. Stricker, MD

    Lecture: Clinical Evidence for Rapid Transmission of Lyme Disease following a Tickbite.

    Where: 2012 ILADS Boston Lyme Disease Conference

  • Wayne Anderson, ND

    Lecture: Genotype Evaluation in Biotoxin Illness, and the Treatment of Abnormalities in the Methylation Pathway.

    Where: 2012 ILADS Boston Lyme Disease Conference

  • Steven J. Bock, MD

    Lecture: Overview of the Assessment, and Treatment of Toxicity Issues in Patients with Chronic Lyme Disease Complex.

    Where: 2012 ILADS Boston Lyme Disease Conference

  • Glenn Kantor, Esq

    Lecture: Disability Claims and Lyme Disease

    Where: 2012 ILADS Boston Lyme Disease Conference


  • Daniel Cameron, MD

  • Raphael Stricker, MD

  • Daniel A. Kinderlehrer, MD

  • Samuel M. Shor, MD, FACP

  • Barbara Buchman
    Executive Director

  • Leo J. Shea, III, PhD
    Immediate Past President

  • Christine Green, MD

  • Judith G. Leventhal, PhD

  • Kenneth B. Liegner, MD

  • Thomas Moorcroft, DO

  • Armin Schwarzbach, MD, PhD

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