My Lyme Disease Journey

My experience with Lyme Disease goes back about twenty years, although I did not find out I had the illness until just last year in 2015. I had been to doctor’s repeatedly during those twenty years looking for an answer to my health concerns. Like most, I was told many things during this time, but never was Lyme brought up as a possibility. Even though my mom had hounded me for years to get a Lyme test (mother’s do have those instincts sometimes don’t they?), I shrugged it off as it couldn’t be Lyme, not knowing much about it at the time and never having the classic bulls eye rash everyone associates with it. Finally, after some convincing from my cousin suffering from Lyme with which I had many of the same symptoms, I asked a doctor for a Lyme blood test. She kind of scoffed it off but agreed. The ELISA came back positive. I was told that it was most likely a false positive and the Western Blot was ordered. After this test, I was told it was negative and therefore I did not have Lyme. I asked why the first test would come back positive then, and again why the symptoms, in which my doctor couldn’t really answer the question. So I then paid for it myself and had my blood work sent to the IGeneX lab in California. This test came back negative according to the CDC, but incredibly positive according to the IGeneX lab standards. Definitely a positive for a tick born disease, Lyme as well as Babesia. Since then, luckily I have been able to find a Lyme literate doctor about an hour from where I live. I have been fighting chronic/late stage Lyme Disease with antibiotics, supplements, etc. to the extent of over 30 pills a day. This is partly due to the fact that my condition is slightly different.. I had a gastric bypass in 2011 requiring more supplements to cover my vitamin deficiencies. The medications are knocking me down too, but I am fighting with all I have through the nausea and the pain every single day.

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