My Lyme Disease Journey

This is an excerpt from my magazine column, and explains why I am undertaking this walk.

“I think you know by now that I’m an emotional kinda guy.

Which means nothing had prepared me for the heart-wrenching story of my Facebook and Twitter friend Cat Kozich.

Cat, who lives in Tennessee, America, was in Brazil in 2007 when she was bitten by a tick. That bite infected her with bacteria causing the debilitating Lyme Disease, which still infects her seven years on. It saps her strength on a daily basis, and causes constant pain.

And not only that, Cat had an additional fight to even convince the medical profession that Lyme is a real disease. She has only recently been able to secure the most horrible and draconian treatment which may – just may, mind you – rid her body of the invaders currently running riot within her, during the next three years.

WHAT? I find it staggering that some doctors still deny its very existence.

There are many different strains of Lyme and co disease infections  around the world, including here in the UK. A British Lyme charity, Lyme Disease Action, is producing a UK on-line training course for GPs in conjunction with the Royal College of General Practitioners. But so much more needs to be done to raise awareness of the devastating effects Lyme Disease has on its victims, and for it to be properly and quickly diagnosed.

My next barefoot charity walk is the Amis Sans Shoes 10k event in July. I am dedicating it to Cat, in the hope that Lyme charities on both sides of the pond will set up mechanisms to tap into it to raise funds and show the medics that Lyme Disease is very real.

No human being deserves to suffer in the horrendous way that Cat has suffered for seven years, and will continue to suffer for the foreseeable future. I will walk my bare feet to the bone if it help raise awareness of this catastrophic disease, and raise funds to fight it.

Cat, I humbly salute your strength and courage. “


The Fundraiser: Stewart Bint
Leicester, Leicestershire, UK

I am undertaking a 10k sponsored walk, barefoot, on Sunday July 20 to raise awareness of Lyme and co Disease infections. I hope you will offer generous sponsorship, as I know ilads will use every cent wisely. I am dedicating this walk to my friend Cat Kozich, from Tennessee, who was bitten by several Lyme-carrying ticks while traveling abroad in Furquim, MG, Brazil in 2007. It was not until 2012 that she was diagnosed ELISA positive and then Western Blot positive with bands 23 IgM, 39 IgM, and 41 IgM. I have chosen to do this walk in bare feet in the hope it will prompt you to be even more generous with your donations!


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