My Lyme Disease Journey

Dance the Lyme Away! is a fundraising event to help raise money towards Lyme Disease Awareness. The idea was conceived by Shanara White in 2015 in honor of her former Zumba Instructor and mentor who suffers from Lyme Disease. Mrs. White and I partnered up and together, we found Dance the Lyme Away! and decided to make it an annual fundraiser to benefit others who suffer with Lyme Disease.

Within the past few years, I’ve met several people within the Zumba community – instructors and students who suffer from Lyme disease . Listening to their stories, I realized the lack of knowledge throughout the community and wanted to continue with the annual fundraiser and help raise funds towards research and awareness.This year, our goal is to raise $500.00, benefitting the NATCAPLYME Association.

Please help support our cause by making a donation or buying a ticket to come enjoy Zumba, Bellydancing, Kizomba, Bokwa, and more.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share.

The Fundraiser: Zumba at Pandas Karate
Derwood, Maryland, United States

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