My Lyme Disease Journey

I was infected by a tick bit in 2014. I immediately noticed the typical bullseye rash associated with Lyme Disease and I became extremely ill. I went straight to an infectious disease MD who ran labwork and started me immediately on oral antibiotics. I was notified by not only my dr, but the CDC that several parasites were detected, one very rare. My Lyme test came back 'borderline'. My Dr treated me for months on oral meds however my immune system failed and she referred me to specialist after specialist. Within a year, I went from working 49+ hours a week as a cardiologist Assistant to being bedridden. I have encephalopathy which has affected my memory and cognitive function. Joint, back, and muscle swelling. Migraines, with nausea & vomiting which caused me to lose over 25lbs. It has within 2 yrs affected my Liver, Kidney, Heart, skin and brain. I have a severe 'Lyme Rash' that has scared my skin on both arms and legs. Worst of all, I have a 10 yr old son to care for. I have lost my apartment, job, income and livelihood due to this disease. I have no other option that the IV treatment which is 6 hrs daily for at least 3 months. Which is about $2,000 a week. I live 15 min from NYC, and went to renoun hospitals such as Columbia, traveled to Minnesota to the world known Mayo Clinic who gave me no answers on how to get my body back on track. I reached out as a special case to a well know Lyme Specialist who took my case. Now, the only thing I have left to do is hope I can somehow receive this treatment and that it is successful.

The Fundraiser: Shannon Martinez
Glen Ridge, NJ, United States

Hi! I am 34 year old Nurse, mother, and wife who was infected in 2014 with Lyme, Bartonella, Anaplasmosis,l and babesia while at a festival where I live in Northern NJ. I am now have blown chronic neurological Lyme disease as well as anemia, Autoimmune disorder, encephalitis, and cellulitis. WE NEED TO WAKE UP THE "CHRONIC LYME DOESNT EXIT" Crowd NOW!

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